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Monday, September 25, 2017

Kim killed his brother to "horrify the world" and he did

"The Nam"
The adipose leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un killed his half brother in the most "gruesome" and public way to "horrify the rest of the world" and scare the doubt out of the doubters.

"I no cute cuddly face guy," Kim said. "I am Billy Badass of Asia, so you better watch out, Donald Trump, you loser dotard. I'm coming to get you."

The bold assassination of Kim Jong Nam in February carried out by two pros (as in 'prostitutes'), in Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur airport has been shrouded in mystery. South Korea media speculated the reason for the assassination, but nothing was certain.

A South Korean spy agency [Smurch] first said the killing was part of Kim Jong Un's 5-year plot. And a Korean University professor (Go, Fighting Spring Rolls!) investigating the assassination and had previously led a research arm of SoKo's intelligence agency [Smurch] told Gentlemen's Quarterly on Monday that it was all "part of a master plan."

"From the moment Jong Nam left Macau, the North Koreans tailed him," Nam Sung-wook told GQ. "They had a group on his airplane. As soon as he arrived at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, another group followed him. They kept that surveillance up while he slept. Even as Jong Nam entered the terminal, he was shadowed."

And just because the two assassin women were seen on CCTV at the airport as they smeared the banned VX nerve agent on Nam's face, and didn't hide their faces, doesn't mean it was sloppy work. It's possible Un wanted Nam's assassination to be seen across the globe.

"The only person on this planet who I don't want to see a scared of me is Dennis Rodman--guess what--he's my best friend and I'm his best friend," Kim said of the cross-dressing former NBA person.

"Pyongyang wanted to send a worldwide message by murdering Kim Jong Nam in this gruesome, public way," Nam Sung-wook said. "Pyongyang wanted to horrify the rest of the world by releasing a chemical weapon at an airport."

An ISIS spokes-terrorist responded: "Oh yeah. You think that scares the world? Try doing some of the same stuff we do. Behead a dude on social media and see what's really scary to the rest of the world, dude."

Nam added: "Jong Un wants to reign a long time and negotiate as a superpower. The only way to do that is to keep the world in fear of his weapons. He has a grand design and this is part of it."

The two whores, Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong, are the only people in custody and are charged with Kim Jong Nam's death. They each claim that they were tricked into believing they were playing a harmless prank for a television show titled: "Kill a Kim."

They face the death penalty if convicted.

Reports have since come out revealing that Kim Jong Nam was being groomed to lead the North Korean government-in-exile and may have also seemed a threat to Kim Jong Un because he was older and didn't have body odor.

A report by Japanese magazine Nikkei Asian Review claimed Kim Jong Un had his uncle Jang Song Thaek executed via anti-aircraft gun after uncovering an alleged coup plot coordinated with the Chinese government.

The clueless people of North Korea believe Nam died of a heart attack, which, in a way, is true. It was the trigger of the heart attack they're ignorant about. Insofar as Uncle Thaek was concerned, the people believe that he was cleaning what he thought was an unloaded anti-aircraft gun and it went off accidentally.
North Korea's god

They also believe Kim Jong Un is god.

Kim Jong Nam was living abroad when he was murdered. He was arrested in 2001 while trying to sneak into Japan and visit Magic Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland. He fell out of favor with his dad, Kim Jong Il, who got ill and died in 2011. The younger fatty, Kim Jong Un, took the helm.

There were two additional attempts to assassinate Kim Jong Nam before the successful attempt. Once in 2010 and again in 2012. The regime eventually cut his funds and he begged his family to not punish him because he and the kids had "nowhere to hide."

Fat lotta good it did for him.

It is unknown where Nam is buried but Uncle Thaek is buried in parts in: Pyongyang, Nampo, Sinuiju, South Hamgyong, North Hamgyong, and possibly in Seoul. 

Other parts of Uncle Thaek are still missing.

Hillary's one-neuron epiphany

Two-time presidential nominee and two-time election loser, and former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, experienced a lonely brain neuron firing in her frontal lobe, causing her to speak about the thoughts it elicited: sexist comments by President Donald Trump and women who continue to support him.

"When I see women doing that," she said loudly, "I think [which is a lie] why are they publicly disrespecting themselves? Why are they opening the door to have someone say that about them in their workplace?"

After all, it isn't as if her husband kept his door closed in the workplace as he received oral sex from a young presidential aide. 

Nor is it as if Hillary defended her husband and attacked the slew of women he either raped or had an affair with--oh wait--she did, and he did.

Of all the areas Hillary Clinton would be wise to avoid discussing, sexism is the star of the show.

She continued with "In a community setting? Do they not see the connection there?"

Does she not see the connection there too? Not with Trump supporters, but with Bill's women. And the connection that lost her the election: disrespecting half of the American voters--the 'deplorables'.

Identity politics isn't working for her but she believes that the fight against sexism still rages on. As an attorney, she should know better--there are anti-discrimination laws that protect women and minorities.

But sore loser that she is, and still harping on her election debacle, she had to point out that while more women voted for her, she lost the white women's vote and said this was progress. In fact, she even went after Obama, bragging that she won more women's votes than he did.

But she lost.

Yes, voting for Hillary Rotten Clinton is progress because, like voting for Obama shows you're not a racist, voting for Hillary shows you're not a sexist. 

You have a choice.

Like I said, identity politics isn't working for Clinton anymore. More women see her for the weak (albeit extremely rich) person that she is.

"We had such a public and still an ongoing movement to expand civil rights. Again, I'm proud of the progress, but we still have a lot of problems we have to confront," the one brain neuron endowed former Worst Lady posited without facts or any sort of proof.

Yes, women are oppressed . . . in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries. But, like most "feminists," she never discusses that.

Mayor Sadiq Khan compares Trump to ISIS

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is really angry by President Trump's ban on countries that are known to poorly vet immigrants and who tend to export terrorism. But even though Khan is a Muslim and believes Londoners need to get used to terrorist attacks, Trump has made him an exception.

Sadiq, accused Trump of using ISIS-style language by calling for a "total shutdown" of US borders to Muslims. He also said that he'd become a "reluctant participant" in the ongoing verbal altercations with President Trump.

Khan told a Guardian Live event that "My view was firstly 'I'm not exceptional' and secondly 'Think about what you are saying.' Because what you are saying is not dissimilar to what Daesh or so-called IS says.

"They say that there is a clash of civilizations, it is not possible to be a Muslim and a westerner, and the West hates us. And you are inadvertently playing their game, you are helping them."

He said the ban on travelers gave the "wrong impression" of the religion of peace (LOL). 

"I'm a Westerner, but also a very proud Muslim. There are some people who want to divide our communities--I'm not going to let them," Khan said using his best taqiyya tactics.

He said the Trump is "ignorant" about Muslims and called for his state visit planned for next year to be canceled. "I think at a time when the President of the United States is doing and saying so many things that we disagree with, the idea of just rolling out the red carpet and having a state visit is wrong."

In March, after the attack near the Westminster Palace, Khan, as reported in the Daily Wire, also said the threat of terror attacks is "part and parcel of living in a big city" and Londoners should get used to them and be vigilant.


When asked about his long-running battle with Trump, he implied the U.S. President's knowledge of Islam was limited to what he sees in the media.

How does he actually know that? What is his evidence?

Unless Khan means that Trump's media experience with Islam involves terrorism and indiscriminate killing of infidels that he doesn't see that with other faiths, and is perpetrated by Muslims who follow Islam faithfully and literally.

Read the Koran and decide if Trump is wrong about the religion.

Comparing Trump to ISIS dilutes the scumbaggery of the terrorist group.

Maybe that's what Khan was trying to do. Maybe it's just a Khan job.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Austria: 90% Muslim refugees end up on welfare

When they arrive
You can call them asylum seekers or refugees--same old, same old, but in Austria, the reality is that nine out of ten of them wind up on welfare and the Austrian taxpayers foot the bill.

Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka is doing all he can to resist the EU's efforts to send more asylum seekers to Austria by increasing the quota. He claims that 90 percent of them end up on welfare and strain the system.

Sobotka says that "Austria has borne the main load from 2014 to 2017," and "Our system is simply overwhelmed."

It needs to be emphasized that no Arab Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the UAE)  has taken in any Syrian refugees, for example. 

And a more recent report (Jan. 2016) says Arab monarchies turned down refugees fearing security threat. 

"If you look at the asylum seekers, you can see that 90 percent are migrating to the needs-oriented minimum security system," Sobotka said, adding that border security is of great importance. "We had up to 15,000 refugees per day on some days, today it is an average of 30."

"It is important to keep the pressure on those who bring migrants illegally to Europe via the Mediterranean and in other ways," he added and said that if the EU fails to keep up the pressure, it will be a sign for human smugglers who will double their efforts to smuggle more people into Europe.

The EU's migrant distribution plan is viewed as unfair in many EU countries and some such as Hungary and Poland have rejected the plan altogether. 

Hungary and Slovakia appealed to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) saying that the distribution agreement was invalid because it didn't have unanimous consent from member states and their citizens.

But the ECJ rejected the appeal and membership to the EU is looking less and less representative of a democratic or republic-style union.
When they are in the majority
Heinz-Christian Strache, chairman of the anti-mass migration Freedom Party (FPÖ), said the figures "show how deeply we are in a crisis of fairness," and urged the Austrian public to vote out the current Austrian People's Party-Social Democrat coalition "before the Austrian population changes" [to a Muslim-dominating society]. 

Robbery suspect may sue man who stopped him

Ryan Flores, 30, may not be the smartest guy in the room, but he clearly has the largest set of testicles than most, and more audacity than Antifa has in calling itself Antifa.

Cregg Jerri, 58, a good Samaritan, is credited with stopping a robbery of a Starbucks in July and now he might be sued by the scumquat Flores, who he stopped from a robbery of overpriced coffee purveyors in Fresno.

Flores is facing charges of second-degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon after trying to rob a barista with a fake handgun and Transformers mask [which didn't fool anyone--they knew he wasn't a real Transformer].

In the process of trying to rob the place, Jerri subdued him and stabbed Flores with his own knife after first clobbering him with a chair from behind. Flores stabbed Jerri in the neck and the two men wrestled over the weapon, which Jerri took away from him. He stabbed Flores about 17 times during the fight.

Flores's mommy, Pamela Chimienti, came to the legal aid of her son saying that Jerri's actions used "excessive force." She told KSEE that her loser son planned to file a lawsuit.

Flores: pondering the robbery
"Excessive force" can be defined as a victim of violence responding to that violence with a greater amount of violence in the heat of the fight in which the victim may believe his/her life is in danger.

We often see "excessive force" used by Israel after Hamas, for example, blows up a children's school bus and the IDF bombs the crap out of a Hamas installation killing more Hamassholes than the children they killed.

Screw "excessive force" That's exactly what you need to stop the initial violence. You don't measure a similar response--you hit them with shock and awe.

Chimienti said, "The guy, in my opinion, went from a Good Samaritan to a vigilante."

No lady--if your son is willing to scare innocent people with a fake gun, and have a knife as a backup plan to stab innocent people, your son deserved whatever he received and you, for going after the Good Samaritan, deserve to see him rot in prison.

But of course, he won't rot there. He'll be out and back on the streets. Hopefully the wounds he received will be a reminder that he shouldn't be robbing people of things that are not his.

And he shouldn't be robbing the person who brought him to justice by using a lawsuit to get his money.

In fact, if Flores goes forward with the suit, maybe Jerri should countersue and see who wins.

Flores said, "I don't like to judge people, [he just likes to rob them] but that's a lot of stab wounds."

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, had praised Jerri's actions and called the idea of his being sued "ludicrous." Legal analysts doubt the suit will go anywhere because it's hard to prove "unreasonable malice."

DNC fundraising in the commode with their words

Tom Perez: Famous for saying
the street word for 'feces'
The Democratic National Committee is out of ideas and their race card is being rejected, leading to yet another dismal fundraising month.

When your biggest fans are illegal immigrants, people on food stamps and public assistance, that's what happens. These are the takers, not the contributors.

On Friday, Brent Scher of The Washington Free Beacon reported:
The Democratic National Committee's already dire financial standing worsened during the month of August according to its Wednesday night filing to the FEC.
The DNC raised just $4.4 million last month, the second lowest August fundraising figure for the party in the past decade. The party had less cash on hand at the end of the month than it did at the beginning, as its spending outpaced its fundraising by $44,575.
And it gets worse. The DNC's debt substantially increased from $3.4 million to $4.1 million, a figure equal to about 60 percent of the committee's total cash on hand.
Maybe they should ask Mexico for the money.

Democratic Party officials predicted that fundraising figures would start to head north in August but these are spendthrift liberals who have no trouble spending other people's money and it has finally caught up to them.

DNC deputy chairman and covert anti-Semite Keith Ellison defended the previous month's crappy fundraising figures by looking into his crystal ball and saying there would be "some really good reports to share in the weeks to come."

He didn't say, nor is it clear, to what he's referring, but there's reason to believe that money may come from the Muslim Brotherhood where he appears to have important contacts.

On a bright note, the Republican National Committee raised $7.3 million in August and has $45.9 million in cash on hand while having no debts.

So who should the American public want controlling the economy?

Judge orders investigation of 3 Clinton lawyers

Annapolis, MD -- An investigation was ordered by a Maryland judge of three shyster lawyers who helped former secretary of state and "computer illiterate" Hillary Clinton delete her emails on an illegal private server.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. said the complaints against Clinton's lawyers, Cheryl Mills, David E. Kendall and Heather Samuelson were egregious and the state bar could not dismiss them as frivolous.

"There are allegations of destroying evidence," Harris said Monday and pointed out that the state's rules require investigation by the bar no matter who raises the complaint. In other words, one cannot brush aside accusations simply because they voted for Hillary Clinton for president and cannot tolerate her loss to a television personality.

The announcement by Judge Harris came one day before Clinton released her latest book of excuses for her second presidential loss titled "What Happened." Apparently her lack of insight in how the public is repulsed by her was the inspiration for the book's title.

The Maryland bar complaint was given by Ty Clevenger, an attorney who has attempted to achieve sanctions against Clinton and her legal team in several venues. He also pressed the FBI to release details of its investigation into Hillary's illegal activities that so far have most politicos looking at the squirrel hiding its nuts.

Federal courts as well as bars in D.C. and Arkansas, have poo-pooed Clevenger's requests. He is seeking to have Clinton's lawyers either suspended or disbarred. (Some of you might even hope for incarceration of the attorneys in a cell next to Hillary.) 

Judge Harris, however, said Mr. Clevenger's request seems to have merit and that Maryland will need to at least launch an investigation and demand a response from the three legal eagles.

The FOIA request Clevenger issued for the FBI to release information into Clinton's case was denied at first because it was judged that there wasn't enough "public interest" in the case to continue its pursuit. But alas, that has been reversed as the Justice Department agreed the case met the threshold of intense public interest. (You're reading this, right?)

Clinton's use of a secret [illegal] email server she kept in her New York home was used to conduct official State Department business. Over 100 emails were listed as classified--it only takes one classified email to violate the Espionage Act. 

The FBI agreed with common sense that the email setup risked national security and it's highly probable the classified emails were hacked by foreign entities. 

According to USLegal.com:
The Espionage Act is a federal legislature enacted in 1917. The act criminalizes and punishes espionage, spying and related crimes. The Act prohibits not only spying but also various other activities, including certain kinds of expression. The Act Pursuant to 18 USCS § 793, provides that a person will be punished with fine or imprisonment not more than ten years if s/he copies, takes, makes, or obtains, or attempts to copy, take, make, or obtain any sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, document, writing, or note of anything connected with the national defense. The Act deems any person a criminal if s/he is found obtaining information with respect to the national defense with a reason to believe that the information to be obtained is to be used to the injury of the U.S.
Hillary's defense was that she's computer illiterate--just a poor, stupid woman who thinks the term "wiping a computer" is done with a cloth. 

So the former, fired FBI director James Comey did not recommend charges against Clinton because she was too inept to understand the risks she was running.

However, having your head up inside your nether regions isn't a requirement to absolve Clinton of indictment, and it wasn't Comey's call to make in the first place--it was the Department of Justice's call.

The former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, recused herself after secretly meeting with Bill Clinton for 30 minutes before the case was to be decided. She claimed they spoke about grandchildren and personal garbage, but the public didn't buy the lie. 

But the DoJ could have assigned the Deputy AG to handle the case rather than allow Comey, whose job it was to simply investigate the case and present his findings to the DoJ.

When it was discovered she had a private secret server, Clinton belatedly returned thousands of emails to the government but deleted the rest, claiming they were personal. However, the FBI probe found thousands of emails that were work-related and weren't turned over to the government. 

That alone should have been enough to indict her.

Clinton had her lawyers scour her account--that's what landed them in potential jeopardy.

Let's hope justice prevails--just don't hold your breath.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

NoKo says strike on US is 'inevitable' as we fly bombers off coast

North Korea's foreign minister, Ri Yong Ho, (aka 'Young Ho') under threat of being anti aircraft-gunned by the rogue nation's leader, called U.S. President Trump "a mentally deranged person full of megalomania." Ironically, Ho has no background in psychology, other than an evening adult ed class, so it's quite possible that his diagnosis of President Trump is wrong, especially given the fact that he never interviewed him diagnostically or otherwise.

As his daughter, Heidi, sat in the audience, Ho promised that  a strike on the U.S. mainland was "inevitable" in the speech he made at the UN General Assembly.

The Ho address began as the Pentagon announced that it had flown some badass bombers and fighter jet escorts to the farthest point north of the Korean DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), going farther than any such U.S. aircraft this century.

Defense Department spokesman, Dana White, said in a statement "This mission is a demonstration of U.S. resolve and a clear message that the president has many military options to defeat any threat."

White added, "North Korea's weapons program is a grave threat to the Asia-Pacific region and the entire international community. We are prepared to use the full range of military capabilities to defend the U.S. homeland and our allies."

According to the Pentagon, B-1B bombers from Guam, and F-15C Eagle fighter escorts from Okinawa, Japan, flew in international airspace over waters east of North Korea on Saturday.

Unlike other "show of force" missions, our birds were not accompanied by South Korean or Japanese planes. We simply wanted to show North Korea just how big our gonads are.

"While conducted unilaterally, this mission was coordinated with regional allies--namely the Republic of Korea [aka South Korea] and Japan--and was a strong testament to our ironclad alliance," U.S. Pacific Command spokesman Cmdr. Dave Benham told Fox News.

On Friday, Trump went on the rhetorical offensive against Adipose Kim.

"Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before," Trump tweeted. He had previously announced increased economic sanctions against NoKo on Thursday. The sanctions will target any countries that do business with North Korea, but this is really aimed at China, who does almost 90 percent of the North's trade.

Due to the fact that President Trump spoke about North Korea, the liberal mainstream media and Democrats tried to put words in his mouth, accusing him of threatening NoKo preemptively.

Trump's words:
"North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile development is a grave threat to peace and security in our world and it is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal, rogue regime."
Kim (aka 'Rocket Man') went ballistic hours later saying Trump was "deranged."
Photo: Senior Airman Quay Drawdy

It's like the pot calling the kettle 'stoned'.

On a positive note, it looks like Trump has gotten China and Russia on board with the sanction program and it's possible that China could severely impede NoKo's ability to fund its missile and nuclear program.

And while fat Kim is saying Trump would "pay dearly" for threatening to "totally destroy" his hell-hole of a country if the U.S. had to defend ourselves or our allies against a North Korea attack, hopefully the sanctions will put an end to the bluster.

Aides warn Trump to go light vs. 'Rocket Man'

Top aides to President Trump have been warning him over and over not to continue with his personal attacks against North Korean leader 'Fat Face' Kim Jong Un. They specifically told him to cool his jets before the UN speech this week, but Trump's jets were hotter than the core of an H-bomb.

The aides told him that insulting Kim in such a global venue could escalate tensions and end any chance for negotiations to diffuse the nuclear crisis.

Evidently, Trump pretended to go along with this good advice but when it came to the UN speech, he derisively described Kim as "Rocket Man" on a "suicide mission" and he threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea--which was not in the speech draft but were ad libbed by Trump.

Even Trump's anti-Israel  national security adviser H.R. McMaster argued for several months against attacking Kim Jong Un on a personal level warning it could backfire.

It would be like "War of the World's Egos."

However, asking Trump to play nice and not belittle his enemies and rivals with crude nicknames was too hard to suppress. He felt compelled to go after the chubby chump.

Now some advisors worry that Trump's escalating war of words has pushed the standoff with North Korea into a new and dangerous phase that will negate the hard work of sanctions on their economy.

But at least Trump feels satisfied he 'out punked' Kim in spite of the North Korean leader's CIA psychological profile that says he has a massive ego and reacts harshly and often lethally to insults and perceived slights.

Of course, Kim took Trump's insults personally and was especially pissed that Trump dissed him in front of 200 world leaders and diplomats at the UN.

The insulting went back and forth:
Trump: Hey Kim, if you can't laugh at yourself, I'd be glad to do it for you.
Kim: If I gave you a penny for your thoughts, I'd get change.
Trump: Oh yeah? The last time I saw a face like yours, I fed it a banana.
Kim: Donald Trump, I not offended by what you say, you dotard. I'm just happy you're now stringing words into sentences.
Trump: If I throw a stick, will you go away?
And so on.

This has got to stop before both leaders believe they cannot 'lose face' and respond with fire and fury. In fact, this kind of clashing can undermine Trump's other efforts at the General Assembly meetings.

John Park, a specialist on Northeast Asia at Harvard's Kennedy School, said the back and forth insults have created a "new reality" and probably shut off any chance of starting new talks to curb NoKo's nuclear arms program.

"If the belief centers around sanctions being the last hope to averting war and getting North Korea back to the negotiating table, it's too late," Park said.

Former President Obama warmed Trump before his inauguration that North Korea would be his most pressing international concern. But Trump realizing Obama was the idiot who told Romney that Russia was no big deal, probably didn't give the socialist much credence, but he was 'amazed' how close Kim was to developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that could deliver a nuclear warhead to U.S. soil.

However, when he first entered the White House, Trump rarely derided Kim and in May, he said he'd be "honored" to meet Kim under the right circumstances.

He also said he'd built a wall and Mexico will pay for it.

He also said he'd end DACA.

McCain's integrity circles the bowl

BFFs for life
Senator John McCain told the media that he cannot support the Graham-Cassidy proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare--a main issue he ran on for his reelection to the Senate.

The reason for McCain's turnaround on his promise is simple: he's a lying RINO in bed with the Democrats and hates President Trump to the point where his hatred takes precedence over his integrity.

CNBC reported:
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Friday said he "cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham Cassidy proposal.
McCain is one of four Republican senators who have been undecided on the GOP healthcare overhaul, and his opposition dealt the bill's chances a significant blow.
Also on Friday, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said she is leaning toward voting NO on Graham Cassidy. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has already expressed his opposition to the bill, which he said didn't fully repeal the Affordable Care Act.
If all three of these votes are nay votes, the bill would not pass. Republicans have until Sept. 30 to pass a health care bill with only 50 votes. After that, they will need 60 votes, a nearly impossible threshold to meet. 
So it's obvious that hating a Trump success, at least in McCain's case, outweighs a campaign promise. 

And they wonder why the approval rate of congress is in the toilet.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Israeli warplanes hit Hezbollah weapons depot hard

Israeli warplanes struck a Hezbollah weapons cache outside Damascus early Friday morning, reported The Times of Israel.

Three sorties were carried out near Damascus International Airport, a stronghold of Iranian-backed terrorist organization.

"Israeli warplanes targeted with rocket fire a weapons depot belonging to Hezbollah near the airport," said the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman. 

Images of the alleged Israeli strike are now on social media for your freudenschade enjoyment. Smoke can be seen billowing in an area near the airport. 

Israel, Syria or Hezbollah neither confirm nor denies any of the reports.

Little Israel has for years carried out airstrikes in Syrian territories to destroy or at least contain the military infrastructure of its many enemies, including Russian-built anti-aircraft missiles and Iranian-made missiles. It also enjoys and occasional explosion at Hezbollah outposts and outhouses.

Two weeks ago, an Israeli air raid on a Syrian regime depot hit a motherlode of chemical weapons that were being transferred to Hezbollah.

Just this week, a Hezbollah drone was shot down by an Israeli Air Force Patriot missile, after it entered the demilitarized zone on the Israeli-Syria border.

Although this latest strike wasn't confirmed by military officials or Israeli civilians, Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz, unable to keep a secret, kind of hinted that Israel was behind the attack.

With a twinkle in Katz's eye, he told Army Radio that he could "confirm that the incident in Syria completely conforms to Israel's policy" of preventing Iran from smuggling weapons to Hezbollah's fightin' scumquats.

Hamassholes prosecute journalist for her honesty

A Palestinian journalist was prosecuted Monday by Hamas after she exposed corruption in the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian affairs correspondent Khaled Abu Toameh.

In June of last year, Hajer Harb reported that Hamas and the PA (Palestinian Authority, not Parents Association) extorted Palestinians who sought medical care in Israel, Europe and other countries in the Arab World.

The Hamassholes and PA, along with doctors who went along with the extortion, demanded bribes from Palestinian patients seeking permits for better medical treatment because the camel urine tasted horrible and wasn't curing anything--Mohammad was wrong about that, like he was wrong about the wings of flies. (He said one wing of a fly causes disease and the other wing cures it. Mohammad was clearly no physician.)

Anyway, Harb's report charged that those who didn't pay the bribes were "left to die in understaffed and under-equipped Palestinian hospitals.

Which calls to mind the notion that Israeli hospitals treat Muslim Palestinians, even from the other side of the wall. But Palestinian Muslims don't treat Israeli Jews and believe it's their religious duty to kill them wherever they find them.

So who are the barbarians?

The PA and Hamasshole leaders were terribly pissed with the investigative report exposing what some Palestinians called the "mafia of destruction," and those in the Italian mafia are pissed at having their name ripped off.

After Harb's piece was published, an official Hamasshole called her for an interrogation whereby she refused to reveal her sources without a court order.

Harb recalled:
The prosecution told me that I was facing the following charges: impersonation of another person (they claim I did not reveal my real identity during the investigative report); slandering the Ministry of Health, publishing inaccurate and incorrect information and working with 'foreign parties' (by preparing a report for a London-based television station under the pretext that the media organization is not registered with the Press Office in the Gaza Strip).
Harb herself required a permit to seek medical treatment for cancer in Jordan, but human rights groups intervened on her behalf and she didn't need to bribe anyone for a permit, said Toameh.

While abroad, she was sentenced by a Hamas "court" to six months in prison and fined 1,000 shekels ($250). If she returns to Gaza, she will be arrested and incarcerated.

Some critics have condemned Hamassholes for trying to silence a journalist, but Antifa isn't one of them.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) denounced Harb's verdict and called it a "very serious precedent against media freedoms." They wrote: "MADA, wishing a speedy recovery for our colleague [Harb], strongly condemns this decision, which lacks fair trial procedures."

Gee, big surprise--a Palestinian decision that's unfair.

Palestinian political analyst Jihad Harb (no relation) said the verdict was an effort to both silence journalists and protect the corrupt practices of Hamas government in Gaza. He noted that Hamas targets those who expose corruption, not those involved in perpetrating it.

Abu Toameh wrote: 
"The court verdict passed on Hajer Harb, and the ongoing punitive measures against Palestinian journalists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, serve as yet another reminder that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have no respect for freedom of expression and media freedoms. Hamas and the PA may be at war with each other, but they both agree that the media is an enemy that needs to be defeated, to prevent the world from learning about corruption and repression."
Human Rights Watch (HRW), a nonprofit organization, condemned the treatment of journalists by Hamas and the PA. They said their tactics led to a "chilling effect" on freedom of expression in the Palestinian territories.

"Both Palestinian governments, operating independently, have apparently arrived at similar methods of harassment, intimidation and physical abuse of anyone who dares criticize them," said Sari Bashi, HRW's Israel/Palestinian director.

So next time you hear anti-Zionist, Palestinian news, take it with a grain of Kosher salt.

A raving madwoman calls Dr. Carson an 'educated fool'

Repulsive Maxine Waters (Dummy--Calif.) calling Dr. Ben Carson a "fool" is like Blind Lemon Jefferson telling Sebastian Vettel that he's a bad driver. But that's exactly what "Aunty Maxine" did, she called Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Dr. Ben Carson an "educated fool."

The low-class insult came during a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation gathering, a place where black Democrats pretend if you are black and not a Democrat, then you're not really black. On the other hand, if you're a white Democrat and identify as black, a là Rachel Dolezal, then you're okay.

"Look at Ben Carson. My God. My grandmother would call him an educated fool," Waters said invoking her dead retarded grandmother, Doh.

"Here's a man who has a reputation of being a highly competent surgeon, but when he talks about poor people, he says they're the cause of their poverty. He doesn't understand why you didn't do what he did and why you didn't make it like he made it. And he doesn't know the difference between slavery and immigration," the former 'Miss Empty Dumpty" said.

Dr. Carson is set to testify before the House Committee on Financial Services, which, incredibly, Waters chairs.

I say 'incredibly' because Waters' reputation regarding finances is extremely sordid  as the Washington Examiner article shows.

She has no business even being on that committee, much less chairing it.

"He's coming before my committee," she said. "If you think I took [Steve] Mnuchin on, you watch what I'm going to do to Ben Carson."

Last July, Waters said that Carson "doesn't care about people in public housing," warning she would "take his ass apart" when he testified before the committee. Clearly, she wasn't referring to proctological surgery at the committee.

She's a disgusting person and is in no position to judge others.

Trump tough tweets after Kim threatens hydrogen bomb test

North Korea this time is threatening to detonate a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, potentially killing innumerable fishes (which is the proper use of the plural for 'fish' of more than one species) and President Trump tweeted in kind. 

Trump said that Kim would be "tested like never before," and the rogue regime's leader said, "Trump is a dotard." So Trump said, "Oh yeah? Kim is a retard."

Then Kim said Trump is "deranged."

And so on.

In a speech at the United Nations General Assembly this week, Trump warned NoKo that the U.S. would "totally destroy" North Korea if Pyongyang continued its provocative actions. This caused the leftist mainstream media to have a conniption fit saying that Trump wants to kill millions of North Koreans and perpetrate a war crime.

He basically said the same thing former President Obama said about the rogue state, that if North Korea provoked us, we would respond. But Obama is allowed to say it and Trump isn't.

Then North Korea went even further revealing that Pyongyang could conduct the H-bomb test, and tweeted about "The Russian hoax."

Be it far from Trump to let an insult go unanswered; he tweeted back:
"Kim Jong Un of North Korea, [are there any others?] who is obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before!"
Ah, the signature exclamation point!

The Yonhap news agency of South Korea reported Thursday on the H-bomb threat from North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho (his friends call him 'Ri the Young Ho') said the possibility of new nuclear testing is a response to Trump's U.N. speech filled with tremendous bluster and very, very provocative language that may have had an incredible impact of global proportions on corpulent Kim.

"This could probably mean the strongest hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific Ocean. Regarding which measures to take, I don't really know since it is what Kim Jong Un does," Ri said cryptically in Korean.

If the test takes place, it would be considered a major provocation by the U.S., South Korea and Japan. Ri is scheduled to address the UNGA on Saturday--a day later than originally scheduled.

Ri's comments came after Kim lashed out at Trump, calling the TV star and U.S. President "deranged" and vowed that Trump [as opposed to the U.S.] would "pay dearly" for his threat to destroy North Korea.

Cheers went up all over CNN and MSNBC.

Kim must have been very upset with Trump. After Trump's U.N. speech, Kim said our president was "unfit to hold the prerogative of supreme command of a country."

It's obvious Kim has no idea what democracy is--nobody holds a 'supreme command' of the United States, although Obama tried.

'The Kimster' also said Trump is "a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire."

Kim calling Trump a "gangster" is like Antifa calling itself 'Anti-fascist.'

Some analysts and Jimmy Kimmel believe Kim's statement is a clear indication that the North plans to ramp up its already fast-paced weapons testing. These weapons include missiles designed to target U.S. forces in Asia and the U.S. mainland.

Trump has made fun of Kim, calling him "rocket man" on a "suicide mission" and added that if "forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea."

Kim said Trump's statements "have convinced me, rather than frightening or stopping me, that the path I chose is correct and that it is the one I have to follow to the last."

The chubby cherub said he was "thinking hard" about his response and that Trump "will face results beyond his expectations."

Yes, if it comes to war and he destroys North Korea, Trump will have a pang of guilt the likes of which he may have never before experienced. But Kim will be toast with lots of butter.

Military analyst at Seoul's Institute for Far Eastern Studies Kim Dong-yub said he believes Kim's statement shows that NoKo would respond to Trump with its most aggressive missile test thus far. It might include firing a Hwasong-14 ICBM over Japan to a range of about 4,349 miles to show its ability to reach Hawaii or Alaska.

Rep. Maxine Waters (Duh-Calif.) said that this would have never come to this point if President Trump would just resign "and get his ugly face outta here."

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Samantha Power uses her power to unmask hundreds of Trumpers

Okay, here's what we know so far: Samantha Power is not a man nor does she "identify" as a man; she's a woman and is a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. 

She also is known to have 'unmasked' over 260 Americans last year--about one a working day--and even sought information in the days leading to President Trump's inauguration.

Two anonymous sources and my source who goes by the moniker Vinny Boombots, revealed this startling number and it leaves people scratching their heads as to what a UN ambassador needs with such information--unless she's also an undercover CIA operative [not of the "honey pot" kind] in addition to being an ambassador.

Power is to appear next month on Capitol Hill as she and other questionable leftists are to be scrutinized for their role in seeking the identities of Trump associates in intelligence reports. However, the interest in Power's actions is very high due to an apparent absence of a "need to know" status and the fact that she's probably a Commie sympathizer like her husband.

In a letter written July 27th to the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said the committee discovered "that one official, whose position had no apparent intelligence-related function, made hundreds of unmasking requests during the final year of the Obama Administration."

The "official" in question is widely believed to be 'Sam' Power. 

At a public congressional hearing this year, Trey Gowdy (R-SC) asked former CIA director and Hajj visitor John Brennan about unmasking, without mentioning Power by name or reputation.

Gowdy: Do you recall any U.S. ambassadors asking that names be unmasked?

Brennan: I don't know. Maybe it's ringing a vague bell but I'm not--I could not answer with any confidence.

Gowdy: On either January 19 or up till noon on January 20, did you make any unmasking requests?

Brennan: I do not believe I did.

Gowdy: So you did not make any requests on the last day that you were employed?

Brennan: No, I was not in the agency on the last day I was employed.

But realizing there might be a 'sign-in log' or video evidence of his having been there, he corrected the record, confirming he was at CIA headquarters on January 20.

Brennan: I went there to collect some final personal materials as well as to pay my last respects to a memorial wall. But I was there for a brief period of time and just to take care of some final--final things that were important to me.

Power's spokesperson had no comment on the number or timing of her requests. Her lawyer David Pressman stated previously that "While serving as our Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Power was also a member of the National Security Council responsible for advising the President on the full-range of threats confronting the United States. Any insinuation that Ambassador Power was involved in leaking classified information is absolutely false."

Yeah, sure. That's what they all say and he even gets paid to say it.

And what the hell is Power doing on the National Security Council concurrent to her ambassador position.

The sad truth is, however, nobody at the top is going to prison. Nobody. Not Hillary; not Power; not Rice; not Clapper. It's the way the system works for the elite, for those who make the laws they break, or the policies that don't actually effect them, like Obamacare.

What you see in the media is fluff.

Israel sends rescue teams to Mexico after earthquake

An Israeli Defense Force (IDF) delegation of 50 soldiers from the Home Front Command headed for Mexico Wednesday to aid in the earthquake relief efforts.

The Palestinian Authority sent nobody.

The IDF personnel will assist in the evaluation of the damage and also help with the actual rescue of individuals trapped under the rubble. The IDF spokesperson said that a field hospital may be set up in the future but there is none as yet.

At least 250 people were known dead after the 7.1 Richter scale earthquake hit on Tuesday. The casualties include at least 21 children who were crushed to death beneath an elementary school that was flattened by the quake, but one child, a girl, has been found alive and was rescued Wednesday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office offered condolences Tuesday and responded to a request for aid from the Mexican government. "Netanyahu ordered that aid and a search and rescue operation be organized to leave to Mexico as soon as possible," his office said.

Dudi Mizrahi, head of the IDF's search and rescue unit is leading the delegation and will supervise the engineers on the team. "They will help surveying buildings," and decide which structures are safe to enter and which will need to be torn down, an army spokesperson said.

Israel is frequently among the first countries to provide aid and trained personnel to disaster zones hit by natural catastrophes. 

In 1999, Israel provided rescue and medical services to Turkey after an earthquake struck, and did the same for Haiti in 2010. Most recently, Israel provided help to Nepal in 2015 after they were struck by an earthquake.

The Palestinian Authority . . . not so much as a 'Get Well' card.

During Netanyahu's historic trip to Latin America last week, he met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. The two leaders signed cooperation agreements in several fields including aviation, international development and space research.

Last year, the United Nations' World Health Organization reluctantly recognized Israel for having the world's best field hospital.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kim's not so cuddly side

Don't let his boyish smile fool you. 

Just when you thought Kim Jong Un was a cute and cuddly bear of a sweetheart, it was revealed that he has been pulling teenage girls from North Korean schools and "doing a Mohammed" by making them his sex slaves.

While his people scavenge in trash cans or eat grass and baby pigeons, he lives a gluttonous life, stuffing his corpulent body with caviar, or $2,700 bird's nest soup and whatever else he wants, damn the cost.

Women who are imprisoned in North Korea for political crimes are raped at the hands of security guards, then later executed in a brutal fashion. Some trade sexual favors for reduced labor while in camps.

One defector, 29-year-old Park Ju-yong, "who grew up in a North Korean prison camp for more than two decades" said that women who became pregnant from being raped by guards are removed from camp and "secretly killed by guards."

Park said that after childbirth, the mothers are executed and their newborns babies are provided as food to guard dogs. [I can see eyebrows raised in curiosity at Planned Parenthood facilities across the U.S.] 

As punishment to the guards, they are removed from their jobs in the prison camps.

The executions, according to Park, were gruesome and involved "thousands of stones" a là Mohammed's punishment for adultery or for women showing their face, skin or hair in public.

The sick part with the executions is that it involved mandatory stone-throwing by other prisoners, and if they refused, they'd be stone receivers themselves.

"People would throw their rocks hard. Each time the rock would hit the victim, their bodies would burst with blood," Park said. "Their flesh would fall off until you could see their bones, and they would die without execution by gun."

A former NoKo prison guard who defected confirmed Park's claims about the executions and also said that the camps had both public and private executions and women who had sex with the guards were given "easier jobs" as a result.

The testimony came after an August report released by the State Department revealing that prisoners in North Korea are beaten to death and starved to the point of resembling "walking skeletons," "dwarfs," "cripples."

To get a graphic idea of how horrible that looks, see some of the images of Nazi death camps such as Auschwitz. 

Hee Yeon, fled Pyongyang in 2015. She now lives in Soeul and told The Mirror what it was like living in constant fear in the Kim Jong Un regime since he came into power in 2011.

"Despite our privilege, we were scared," she said. "I saw terrible things in Pyongyang."

She spoke of the time she stood in a crowd of 10,000 people assembled to witness the execution of 11 musicians who supposedly made a pornographic video [not, for example, a video of Kim Jong Un and his sex slave schoolgirls]. Security guards ordered viewers to leave their classes and stand in a stadium around the men who were tied and gagged.

"What I saw that day made me sick to my stomach. They were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns. A gun was fired, the noise was deafening, absolutely terrifying. And the guns were fired one after the other."

"The musicians just disappeared each time the guns were fired into them. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere . . . and then, after that, military tanks moved in and they ran over the bits on the ground where the remains lay."

She remembers seeing the remains "smashed . . . into the ground until there was nothing left." It took her three days before she could eat again.

Kim's firing squads carried out public executions in school yards, bridges and sports stadiums.

Just another of typical day of bizarre inhumanity in the Paradise known as North Korea. Anyone could be executed if they were even suspected of disloyalty to Kim.

"I was brought up [and] told he was like a god--that he was as a young boy an expert sailor, marksman before the age of seven, godlike," she said. "Then I met him at big events, I found him terrifying, really scary, nothing god-like about him."

Perhaps he's more godawful. 

Kim reportedly had his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, executed when he flew into a rage when finding out about an alleged coup that was planned with China.

Hee Yeon said the "prettiest" schoolgirls were taken away to work in one of his "hundreds of homes around Pyongyang."

"They learn to serve him food like caviar and extremely rare delicacies. They are also taught how to massage him and they become sex slaves," she explained. "Yes, they have to sleep with him and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear."

Like the musicians on the anti-aircraft guns.

Little is known about Kim's family but he's married to Ri Sol-ju and reportedly has three children, according to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency.

Trump refers to Kim as "Rocket Man" and swears it has nothing to do with Elton John's hit song title, which is nonsense.

Now knowing what Kim's all about, isn't it insanely suicidal for us to allow him to continue along a nuclear path?

The fat man must be stopped . . . and I don't mean Michael Moore.

Paris climate deal: what's a POTUS to do?

A European Union official claims the U.S. will not withdraw from the ridiculously useless Paris climate deal, in spite of President Trump saying publicly in June that we will, according to the Wall Street Journal

But what do Trump "band-wagoners" care? They don't care a hoot about policy decisions unless they're about the culture wars: immigration, the wall, Christian bakers, etc. So if Trump changes his tune on the Paris deal, he will still have his base of supporters. 

Like he once said at a rally in Sioux Center, Iowa during his presidential campaign:
"I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters."
That's the scary side of Trump, but you can understand why people support him come hell or high water (literally, of late). He says things people would say themselves in his position because nobody in that position has ever done so before.

When the WSJ's piece came out, the White House quickly responded with a statement saying that while it would not withdraw from the climate treaty [as Trump originally promised] it would review its terms.
Photo: Politico

"There has been no change in the United States' position on the Paris agreement. As the President has made abundantly clear, the United States is withdrawing unless we can re-enter on terms that are more favorable to our country," the White House statement read.

I blogged about the deal back in June, when Trump made it clear that he was more interested in Pittsburgh than the deal. I wrote in part:
Candidate Trump promised to "cancel" the Paris climate deal during his first major policy speech on energy in March 2016. He attacked "draconian climate rules" and vowed to cut any funding for UN programs related to combatting any climate change programs. He even refused to acknowledge the human contribution to climate change and called it a "hoax." But when pressed on that comment he later said that he was "kidding."
Trump's shift from rejection his willingness to renegotiate the deal came during a meeting with over 30 ministers led by Canada, China and others. 

So now we wait and see if Trump will tell us he was only "kidding" regarding what he said about rejecting the Paris deal. It's anybody's guess.

ESPN freaking out over Hill's racist attack

ESPN host Jemele Hill called President Trump a "white supremacist" and people are getting sick and tired of being blamed and labeled for being white. Now the sports network is in "crisis mode" according to a recent report.

The news website Think Progress reported that "a top executive at ESPN" ordered Hill to go home and she was seen in the parking lot when production meetings for her show are usually scheduled to take place.

On Thursday, Think Progress posted that ESPN tried to replace Hill with another black host for her show on Wednesday night. Naturally, ESPN denied the claim and told other media outlets that it "never asked for any other anchors to do last night's show. Period."

Whenever you hear the word 'period' you can be fairly certain that what preceded it was a lie. 

Think Progress hit back Friday with a follow-up piece reporting that the sports network is in "crisis mode" and its statement was "highly misleading."

According to the website, Hill was sent home on Wednesday morning and her co-host, Michael Smith, refused to do the show without her. So ESPN tried to reach out to other anchors and check their availability to host the edition of "SportsCenter" that is typically anchored by Hill and Smith--but they eventually decided to allow the show to go on without sidelining Hill.

It all began earlier in the week when liberal Hill tweeted anti-Trump statements.
"Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has surrounded himself with other white supremacists."
She didn't provide other names.

Next, she called him "the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime." And also called him a "bigot" and "unqualified and unfit to be president." Then said, "If he were not white, he never would have been elected."

The exact opposite of Barack Obama's situation and lack of experience.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that she thinks Hill's comments are a "fireable offense" but added that it isn't her job to make that sort of decision. 

Trump himself had to get into the act after his ego was assaulted by Hill's words and asked ESPN for an apology. He is not holding his breath.
"ESPN is paying a really big price for its politics (and bad programming). People are dumping it in RECORD numbers. Apologize for untruth!"
Trump really needs to lay off the exclamation points!

Hill stands behind her words but regrets painting ESPN as an anti-white, bigoted and leftist media outlet. She refuses to apologize.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, President Trump is attending a luncheon honoring black leaders.

Trump is a New York businessman. He works with all races and doesn't give a fig the race or political party of the people he works with--he only cares if they can advance his needs.

Calling Trump a white supremacist is either naive or racist in itself, and that's the problem with the Democrats--they see everything in terms of race, which, in itself, is racist because they shoot before they know the target.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hamasshole dies in Gaza tunnel:

"This is my rifle, this is my gun . . ."
A member of Hamas' military wing died in a tunnel incident on Tuesday near the Israel-Gaza border in Rafah, according to the Gaza-based terrorist group.

The Hamasshole's name was Hani Shlouf--he was a mere lad of 24 years and was best known for saving water. He was identified by Ashraf al-Qidra, of the Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza.

The group's military wing said the scumcrumpet died after he carried out "a great and honorable Jihadi mission in one of the resistance tunnels," which it was later learned consisted of emptying out and burning the excrement from the Port-O-Sans in the tunnel. 

It was also learned that there was a misstatement by Ashraf al-Qidra due to his poor English language skills. When he referred to 'the resistance tunnels' he meant that Shlouf was resistant to having to burn the crappers but he did so like a good jihadi.

The military wing said that Shlouf came from the Shabura neighborhood in Rafah, where he was known to the local kids as the weird boy who beheaded the neighborhood dogs.

7 dead from collapsed tunnel
"He was a good boy," said his mother, Mrs. Shlouf, who works as a cashier in a munitions depot. "All he ever wanted to do is kill for Allah and look what happened to him. He's in a better place now with all those brown-eyed virgins. I hope he's having a good time . . . Allahu Akbar!"

Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordehai said Shlouf was electrocuted to death when his potty shovel hit a live wire connected to a reading light.

Since Operation Protective Edge began, (not to be confused with shaving commercials) dozens of Hamassholes have died in tunnel collapses and incidents which can be attributed to their breathtaking stupidity. 

Just last week, two idiot militants died in tunnel collapses and Islamic religious leaders are concerned that Paradise is getting low on virgin women--they may need to substitute.