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Friday, April 8, 2016

Vet groups reportedly didn't get the Trump fundraiser money

Donald Trump said he raised $6 million for veteran's charities when he held a fundraiser on the  eve of the Iowa caucuses. But unfortunately, almost all of the organizations that were to receive the money have gotten less than half of what they were supposed to receive.

According to the Wall Street Journal, of the 22 veteran's groups slated to receive money by Trump's campaign, 19 organizations got a total of $2.4 million from Trump's foundation. The other three charities did not reveal what they got, with one declining to disclose, another claiming it needed to submit more paperwork before getting the money, and the third unresponsive altogether.

Fox Business Network (FBN) stated last February that only a fraction of the donations pledged made it to veterans groups and several at that time said they received bupkis. In all, seven of the 22 groups got $650,000.

Trump held the questionable fundraiser after refusing to appear at the January 29th GOP debate because he said that he wasn't treated fairly by the network. 

If being asked policy questions, or being made to account for past statements and/or political donations is unfair, then he has a point. After all, the liberal media doesn't embarrass their political picks when they interview them.

Trump's campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said that Trump has, in fact, "given to the 22 groups we originally announced and many others."

I don't know what happened to the unaccounted money and I refuse to make a statement about what I believe. You need to be the judge and decide for yourself.