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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Syrians: some of their best friends are Jewish

A report by The Tower, tells of how Israel saved a 5-year-old Syrian girl's life by smuggling in a relative for a transplant. They saved her life twice: once when they treated her wounds from a firefight between rival militias and again after she was diagnosed with cancer.

She was treated and later diagnosed at Rambam Hospital in Haifa just 2 weeks after recovering from her wounds and the hospital refused to release her until she was treated for cancer.

A bone marrow match was found in a relative in Syria, an "enemy state" of Israel's, and under Israeli law, that made it illegal to bring the relative into the country. But Israeli security services say "pshaw" to the law and smuggled her relative in anyway. Both the relative and the child are being quarantined while awaiting the transplant procedure. 

The Tower said that over the past five years, over 2,000 Syrians have been treated in Israeli hospitals. 

What evil people those Israelis are, claims Hamas and their sympathizers. "We could have used that kid to hide behind while killing those evil Jews."

At least some Syrians are aware of Israel's helping Syrians over the years. Aboud Dandachi, a Syrian refugee has a website called Thank You Am Israel. "Thank you to the people of Israel and the Jewish people the world over, for showing kindness and charity to Syrians, whether it is through your IDF medical teams, your aid workers in Greece and the Balkans, or your congregations in North America raising money to aid and sponsor Syrian refugees."

The sad part is that if Hamas or any other terrorist organization could get their meathooks into Dandachi or anyone else with a kind word about Jews, they would be murdered.