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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Obama blames the video again

French President Francois Hollande spoke this week in Washington regarding Islamic terrorism that is perpetrated by Muslims who follow the Islamic religion religiously. Listening to the speech President Obama was as uncomfortable as an armless kid with poison ivy covering his chicken pox.

The speech Hollande gave was video recorded by expensive, sophisticated video equipment--much better equipment than the equipment used by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula when he made Innocence of Muslims, a video that landed him in jail for the abuse of freedom of speech the administration doesn't like.

Hollande spoke at an international summit on nuclear security focusing primarily on global terrorism. The exact demographics of these terrorists is still a mystery to the Obama administration, but they are exploring it in depth.

Part of Hollande's speech, the most important part regarding the First Amendment was"
"We are also making sure that between Europe and the United States there can be a very high level of coordination. But we're also well aware that the roots of terrorism, Islamist terrorism, is in Syria and in Iraq. We therefore have to act both in Syria and Iraq, and this is what we're doing within the framework of the coalition . . ." 
But somehow, according to the Obama administration, the audio failed just at the moment Hollande's English translator said "Islamist terrorism, is in Syria and in Iraq."

They don't make coincidences like that anymore.

As luck would have it for conservatives, but not so much for libtards, the Media Research Center caught the omission. No liberal watchdog group was lucky enough to have caught it, however.

Perhaps when Obama was a young boy going to an Indonesian madrassa, he was instructed to never put the words 'Islamic' and 'terrorist' together as it will rob him of his future virgins. I don't know. But Hillary Clinton is just as stubbornly set on never mentioning who the terrorists actually are--maybe that's the suicidal aspect of political correctness.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said, "After every one of these attacks, the president does a national TV conference where he refuses to say the words 'radical Islamic terrorism.' Instead he lectures Americans on Islamophobia. Well, enough is enough."

In an effort to assist our so-called president when dealing with the aftermath of an Islamic terrorist attack, I designed a template, which you can read all about here

ISIS jihadists praying to Allah
Anyway, the White House told several news agencies on Friday that the audio gap was simply the result of a "technical issue," not an attempt to scrub or censor President Hollande's words. 

Maybe, but I kind of doubt it--too serendipitous for my liking. They finally put up the full audio on their website after they were caught omitting it.

But here's the funny part: Obama says that he doesn't say "radical Islamic terrorists" because saying it legitimize the efforts of the Islamic State.

No, the words don't legitimize anything, President Empty Suit, they describe the enemy which can only serve to help produce strategies to fight them.