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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

ISIS low on dough means low on recruitment

It isn't just about cutting off heads or burning people to death in cages. It isn't just about praying five times a day and having the religious authority to beat the crap out of your wife and sex slave. 

No, it's also about the money.

ISIS recruitment is down the toilet. The rate of foreign jihadists joining ISIS in Iraq and Syria has dropped from almost 2,000 a month to only 200 according to a senior military officer from Baghdad who told Fox News

USAF Maj. Gen. Peter Gersten, the U.S.-led coalition deputy commander for operations and intelligence said that recent airstrikes has destroyed ISIS cash storage and fortunately did not kill any people on purpose. This is in line with President Obama's policy of "Don't Aim, Don't Kill" when it comes to fighting the militant group.

Ironically, the smell of money burning is not as pleasant as the smell of money not burning.

Gersten said that these attacks on the cash storage has "fractured" ISIS causing potential fighters from have second thoughts about whether they should throw in with the group. Many have returned to their villages and gone back to sheep dipping and goat cheesing just to make a buck or another goat or sheep.

"In every single way their morale is being broken, in every single way their capability to wage war is broken, and in every single way we will take this fight and eradicate this cancer," Gersten said, adding that the desertion rates among ISIS fighters and their livestock has risen.

In other words, we are kicking the crap out of them the old fashion way: in their wallets.

House lawmakers are considering a bill aimed at deteriorating recruitment efforts by ISIS. A bill by Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-Tenn.) would urge the DHS to use testimonials (like the Tin Woodsman received in the "Wizard of Ox") from former or estranged jihadis to badmouth the ISIS message and discourage recruitment.

It has been estimated by Maj. Gen. Gersten that the airstrikes destroyed between $300 - $800 million in "tens" of strikes.

Donald Trump said in regard to the cash destruction that "It's just chump change. When I am president, I will destroy lots more money than that, I can tell you. I will destroy much, much more money than that. You're gonna love the amount of money I will destroy. We're going to bomb the s*** out of ISIS and take their land back for ourselves."

The Pentagon claims that a strike killed the ISIS finance minister last month and $150 million was burned along with him in his home.