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Monday, April 4, 2016

Hillary frightened of Bernie's golden Brooklyn tongue

Hillary Clinton is scared, very scared. The Democratic front runner for president is afraid to debate socialist Bernie Sandernista in front of an audience of over 50 people. 

Perhaps the venue should be MSNBC, if they can gather up enough viewers.

But seriously, Bernie claims Clinton is"playing silly political games" regarding the debate dates as he and the 'First Lady of the Forked Tongue and Private Server' get set to make their final begging to Wisconsin voters. 

This Tuesday is the primary. 

"I want it," Clinton told NBC's "Meet the Press," when it was suggested (truthfully) that she was avoiding a one-on-one with the 74 year old ex-pornographer socialist. When Bill heard that she wanted it, he said he was prepared to give it to her, but she declined.

The New York primary will be held on April 19th, just one day before Hitler's birthday. 

Oh, the irony.

Sanders has won five of the last six primaries causing Clinton to "rig for silent running" in the next debate. Not that she won't speak--she simply refuses to tell the truth about virtually everything that comes out of her mouth. The fact that Bernie is from Brooklyn, the land of "fageddabowdit," does not make it easy on the former New York Senator.

Clinton's campaign staff offered Sanders several dates, including a weekday morning before most folks wake up. They're hawking it as the "Milkman's Matinee Debate." Another offering is coincidentally the same exact day and time as the NCAA basketball finals. This would guarantee a record audience for the debate, the record being the least viewed TV show of any kind in the history of television.

Let's face it--Clinton is making soup in her pantsuit over the debate.

Still, Hillary lied that she was "confident" about the debate happening, but she wants to keep it a secret from the public, unlike she kept her emails a secret from China and Russia.

Sanders' campaign said they're ready to debate April 10, 11. 12. or 13. This gave Hillary only one option: to call him a sexist and a cheater. She countered with Hitler's birthday as her fixed date.