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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Brussels: Flying out on a wing and a prayer

The first plane took off at Brussels Airport since the March 22 attack. The Brussels Airlines jet flew to Faro, in Portugal. Security at the airport was tight, but they sobered up and security got better.

Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Co. labeled he Sunday flight as a symbolic "sign of hope" coming after "the darkest days in history of aviation in Belgium."

Well, I hope Arnaud is right--I hope that Belgium gets its head out of that dark place known best by Islam appeasers and finally realizes the problems all normal nations face: Islamic terrorism.

The Brussles airport has new check-in procedures for passengers--kind of like closing the barn door as you see the horse's butt going over the hill. Now, instead of asking if you packed your suitcase yourself, and if you're a terrorist, they have you open your suitcase when asking that question.

People pushing covered trolleys while wearing only one glove will be asked the same question: "Are you a terrorist, and if so, what are your plans for today?" If they say they plan to have lots of sex with brown eyed virgins, call for backup.

If you really want to curb these Islamic jihad attacks, first you need to hire people whose backgrounds you have completely checked--including their social media.

Then you need to ask the right questions about their belief system and the like.

People who are responsible for any "hands-on" with the aircraft need to be fully vetted. If they happen to be members of the religion of peace, you might take that into consideration in terms of how much information you believe you need in order to feel safe having your kids fly on a plane they dealt with.

Lastly, get Israel to teach you how to make air travel to and from your country safer. They have an incredible record of positive security outcomes.

Most importantly, don't allow your head to wander into that dark region.